Research studies have shown that early exposure to a second language highly increases children’s creativity, and the likelihood that the child will attain fluency and a native accent.

With us, children can learn Chinese taught by well-trained and experienced native speakers in a fun, yet structured way. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality of teaching environment for learning Chinese language. In a relaxed atmosphere with qualified native teachers, everything is oriented towards your child and reflected their interests and needs.

Tuition Fee (Hourly rate per group)

No of Student(s) 60 hours or up 30 – 59 hours 15 – 29 hours 1 – 14 hours
1 HK$320 HK$350 HK$400 HK$460
2 HK$380 HK$420 HK$480 HK$540
3 – 4 HK$460 HK$500 HK$600 HK$700
5 – 6 HK$560 HK$600 HK$700 HK$800

All the above rates are for tuition only. Fees for additional learning materials are not included and may be recommended by our language consultant after pre-course assessment.

For details, please call (852) 3622-2558 or email : [email protected]