In addition to our group classes, we also provide private tuition in individual or group setting. We customize language course to suit the needs of our clients. This type of study is especially popular with students who have special requirements and require higher flexibility.

Individual lesson 

  • Student normally meets our teacher once or twice a week
  • Any day at any time, from Monday to Friday (in some special cases, weekend), from 9am to 9pm. Class scheduling is highly flexible.
  • Late evening or early morning lessons are possible.

Group lesson

  • A private group lesson can be scheduled the same way as a private individual lesson.


  • Flexible Schedule: You can schedule your class almost at any time you want.
  • Flexible Location: You can have your lesson at our school, your home, or your office. Travelling fee will be charged according to your venue.
  • Flexible Teaching Methodology: Private lesson allows our teacher to assess and design a suitable teaching approach for the individual student.
  • We believe everyone has an ability to learn languages but it is a matter of finding the right teaching approach to unlock your potential. This is why our teachers aim to find a suitable approach to enhance your language proficiency.
  • You may also request a specific learning style: Immersion, Conversational, Grammar and Writing focus, etc.
  • A free consultation is available to all prospective language students.

Tuition Fee (Hourly rate per group)

No of Student(s) 60 hours or up 30 – 59 hours 15 – 29 hours 1 – 14 hours
1 HK$350 HK$380 HK$430 HK$490
2 HK$420 HK$480 HK$540 HK$600
3 – 4 HK$540 HK$580 HK$680 HK$780
5 – 6 HK$640 HK$680 HK$780 HK$880

All the above rates are for tuition only. Fees for additional learning materials are not included and may be recommended by our language consultant after pre-course assessment.

Many other customized language programmes, for example Business Mandarin and Legal Mandarin, etc., have been designed by our school for the benefits of individuals and corporations in particular industry.

For details, please call (852) 3622-2558 or email : [email protected]