I am excited about the progress I’ve made with the language thus far

Kathleen F. from India
Cantonese Beginner 1 to Upper Intermediate 1 (7/2/2022 – 15/11/2022)
Cantonese Private Tuition (27/2/2023 – present)

I’ve been learning here for a few months and I’m enjoying it fully. The teachers here are patient and engaging. While each lesson does have a theme/ particular set of vocab it covers, they frequently branch out to make the lesson more applicable to daily life. They explain the origin of the word as well as related words and other uses in phrases too which makes it much more interesting than just running through a list of words and has given me a better understanding of how the Cantonese language works.

They provide a text book that has vocabulary, practice scenarios and conversations. As well as audio files to accompany the text that are especially useful when practicing and attempting to learn pronunciation and tones. While not all the content may be relevant, it is a good base to build upon and consult while studying.

The earlier comment regarding frequent messages from the class coordinator confused me, as I find her messages helpful reminders and appreciate her willingness to accommodate my schedule when figuring out class times. The flexibility to change times and take a break between sessions is another thing I like about this language center, and I am excited about the progress I’ve made with the language thus far.