I was instantly impressed with their efficiency and they were very accommodating towards my learning requirements and budget

Carolyn Thompson from Britain

Mandarin Beginners Full Day (7/1 – 1/2/2019)

“I chose the HK Language School over its competitors because Mini and Branda were extremely welcoming and forthcoming with their emails. I was instantly impressed with their efficiency and they were very accommodating towards my learning requirements and budget. I spent one month at the school learning Mandarin. I walked away knowing 800 words and able to hold a basic conversation. My pronunciation also improved tenfold. My teacher, Audrey, was incredibly patient and often went out of her way to explain additional rules and concepts beyond the course. Thank you so much – I feel so much more confident to speak Chinese whilst I am conducting my doctorate research in China. I will be back for more lessons!”

The things I thought that were particularly good:
• The level of efficiency in your email correspondence.
• The welcoming and engaging school atmosphere.
• The books were really easy to follow and the learning style really worked for me personally.
• Audrey was excellent. She was incredibly patient – Adrian and I had a lot of questions for her about Chinese language. She often went home and researched how to explain additional concepts outside of the course. I was very appreciative of this.
• I love the tea and cookies! A lovely touch!

The things that could perhaps be improved:
• There are some English spelling errors in the books. This is not a big deal, but it’s good to correct these for a professional operation.
• This is a personal request, but I think it would be better if more Chinese speaking was encouraged during lessons. We would learn the material and read out the sentences but it would have been very beneficial to speak more. Audrey used to test us after each book by asking question’s in Chinese. This was fantastic and I would have liked more of this during the course of the books.

I hope to be back later in the year!

I’m really happy that I chose HKLS

Ms Sarah Mitchell from Australia

Cantonese Beginner Full Day (3/8 – 31/8/2015)

“I wanted to learn Cantonese so that I’d be able to speak more easily with people in Hong Kong and learn more about Hong Kong’s culture. The location of HKLS was good for me and the reviews I read on the website were very positive.

I’m really happy that I chose HKLS. For me, one of the hardest parts of learning a language is feeling very nervous and self-conscious about mispronunciation and making mistakes. But in my class, my teacher created a very comfortable environment so that I didn’t feel embarrassed about trying to speak. He helped me a lot with my Cantonese, including topics that I was interested in that weren’t included in that particular course. All the people who worked at the centre that I had contact with were very friendly.

I was only able to take a month of classes at HKLS, and while I have a LOT more to learn, my Cantonese-speaking friends have told me they think my speaking and writing has improved during that time. My experience with HKLS was very good, and I’d definitely return for classes if I had the chance. 多谢晒 James 同 Branda!”

my experience at the school has really been incomparable

Ms Elisabetta Cavallo from Italy

Cantonese Beginner Full Day (10/8 – 14/8/2015)

“Although I had the chance to spend only a short period of time at Hong Kong Language School, my experience at the school has really been incomparable.

The environment is nice and welcoming, the people I’ve met while in there were all extremely kind and the location is easy to reach by public transport and it’s very central so that it’ll be easy for you to explore Hong Kong after class.
I attended a Beginner I course of Mandarin and I have been fully satisfied with my choice for the school! My teacher was simply amazing: very precise, friendly and open to share both her experience and knowledge with me!

I strongly recommed both the school and the course I attended, I’m sure you won’t regret choosing it!”

I just hope I can continue to improve from over here and I had best not lose everything!

Mr Kelvin Cheong from Canada

Mandarin Intermediate Full Day (16/7 – 9/9/2015)

“I have to say, at first it was difficult to gauge my progress and see what I could accomplish in just two months of daily classes.  However, after a few attempts at conversing with native Mandarin speakers, I became pleasantly surprised to see how long I could keep the conversation going, (despite still struggling with my accent and limited vocabulary at this stage).  Even people who I’ve known prior to this course were quite surprised at my progress.

On top of the speaking, I originally wanted to focus strictly on just verbal, yet these same friends were quite impressed at my improvement in reading and writing as well.  Now I can actually order more food!

I originally chose HKLS due to the competitive pricing with other schools nearby.  I found the learning environment to be quite good and the atmosphere to be comfortable.  At first I was a little taken back when there weren’t enough students at my level and the class duration was suddenly reduced.  However, in retrospect I actually think this became a great thing because this allowed the teacher to focus directly on me, and I also realized that doubling the class length would actually have been quite challenging to remain focused for so long.

I think the duration and the teacher Vera 老师 were wonderful.  I could not have asked for anything more.

I think had I extended my stay in Hong Kong I would have definitely continued my education at HKLS and would definitely (in fact already) have recommended HKLS to my friends.

When a couple friends saw that I had gone from barely being able to read a few words, to writing entire sentences right before their eyes, they suddenly became shocked, intrigued, and now wanted to know more so that they could do the same.


Thank you very much for everything.  I just hope I can continue to improve from over here and I had best not lose everything!”